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U-Vest® August Newsletter

U-Vest® August Newsletter

August 14, 2023

What Will Be Your Legacy?

Each August (What Will Be Your Legacy Month), we’re reminded to reflect on the impact we wish to make for future generations. It's a time to contemplate the values, contributions, and positive influences we want to leave on our families, community, and the world. We invite you to engage in meaningful conversations, make intentional choices, and take deliberate actions to shape a legacy aligned with our aspirations and values. Dream big, pursue your passions, and live a life that inspires others to do the same! 

About National Financial Awareness Day

Studies show time after time again that many individuals have poor financial literacy, especially in marginalized communities and young people. Financial Awareness Day, celebrated annually on August 14th, prompts us to approach our financial health proactively. This day empowers individuals to cultivate smart money habits, paving the way toward long-term financial success. Here are some ways you can make the most of Financial Awareness Day:

  1. Meet with your financial advisor to conduct a comprehensive review of your entire financial portfolio.
  2. Consider engaging in strategic philanthropy by establishing a family foundation or donor-advised fund.
  3. Work to shape your legacy and have related discussions with family members. 
  4. Research ways to diversify & optimize your investment portfolio for tax efficiency.
  5. If you enjoy art or collectibles, consider developing a strategy for incorporating these assets into your wealth plan for potential benefits.

Michael Davino, CFP®, is back from LPL Focus 2023!

We’re so proud of U-Vest® CEO Mike for representing our company all the way in San Diego, California, earlier this month! He and numerous leaders across the country had the pleasure of speaking at LPL Financial’s Focus 2023, one of the independent financial advice industry’s premier events. Way to go, Mike!

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