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Legacy / Planned Giving

We help clients preserve and pass on the assets they spent a lifetime building. Our goal is to minimize your estate’s administrative burden and maximize the value shared with your loved ones and the organizations you cherish.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Planning for your future does not stop at retirement. Think of your legacy.

Your legacy is much more than your assets. It’s your values, your belief system and the memories that will continue on. Your estate plan should be a reflection of the legacy you want to leave behind. The team at U-Vest™ Financial can help you with a long-term plan to ensure your wishes are carried out as you intended.

Guidance from our experienced financial team can go a long way toward helping make sure your financial success is shared with your family, friends and the charitable organizations you designate.

Here at U-Vest™ Financial, we will carry out your estate plans by:

  • Reviewing current estate plans
  • Organizing Wills and Trusts 
  • Analyzing income and estate taxes
  • Exploring charitable giving
  • Transferring your assets to future generations
  • Establishing and executing your estate plans
  • And more.

Giving Strategies

Effective charitable giving can have a positive impact on causes that are important to you. A giving strategy can help your donation go further or allow giving to be a part of your estate plan.

Charitable giving may also provide tax benefits for you and your heirs. Here at U-Vest™ Financial, we will conduct a full assessment of short- and long-term tax and estate planning implications to help you achieve your specific objectives.

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