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When it comes to wealth planning, a fundamental aspect is protecting yourself, your loved ones, your home or your business against unexpected life events. 

Personal Insurances

At U-Vest™ Financial, we can help you close the gap on potential risks. We offer Annuities, Life Insurance, & Disability plans through our strategic partners. After a careful analysis of your situation and objectives, we can help you obtain the coverage that meets your needs. 

Life Insurance

Life Insurance is used as an essential estate planning tool. It can provide a radius of death benefit protection, spousal coverage and cash value accumulation features for various needs.

Life Insurance can also ensure your beneficiaries and heirs are not burdened with an undue estate tax burden.

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Disability Insurance

The ability to work and produce income is our most valuable asset, and we must protect that. By safeguarding this asset, you can work towards achieving your short- and long-term financial goals. We work with our strategic partners to shape income replacement coverage to your specific needs. We make sure to add the most important features to you and your family.

With Disability Insurance, you can protect your income and lifestyle from unexpected life interruptions, such as recovering from an accident or illness. Also, you can prevent using your savings or selling investments for living expenses by protecting your working years.

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Sufficient planning NOW can help prevent a lifetime of assets from falling short when you need them most.

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