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U-Vest® October Newsletter

October 26, 2023

October is Estate Planning Awareness Month!

Time and time again, we’re reminded that a properly designed estate plan can provide flexibility and resilience in the face of family change. This month, we encourage our clients to check over their beneficiaries on all their accounts, including individual investments, work retirement plans, banking, life insurance, and more. We also highly encourage clients to consider establishing awill/trust, durable power of attorney, and healthcare directives. Take a moment this month to talk with an advisor about what estate planning they may need to review.

Protecting Your “Digital Estate”

Did you know? In today’s “digital age,” your estate also includes your digital assets, such as social media accounts, email accounts, online financial accounts, digital media (photos/videos/etc.), and other digital information. When creating your will/trust, be sure to note who is allowed access to your digital estate. If you don’t do this, online platforms may not give anyone access, leaving your photos and information inaccessible. Add your digital estate plan to your will/trust to avoid access issues, privacy concerns, and legal complications!

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